Individual Client Services

Quest Financial Solutions Ltd provides specialist independent advice to individual clients in the following areas:

Not everyone has the time or energy to keep focused on their investment portfolio, particularly if it is one that is quite sophisticated. We offer ongoing tax and investment advice designed to help individuals who are unable to give their financial affairs the attention they deserve.

Pension Planning

There are many types of pensions available to choose from.  It is important that you invest into the most appropriate one to suit your needs and aspirations. There are many things to consider when investing both regularly and with single premiums. These include charges, investment funds, your attitude to risk and the flexibility of investment to name a few.

We look to work with our clients regularly to try to ensure that opportunities are being maximised and that the policy and its investments remain appropriate. In our opinion, a pension is an excellent tax planning vehicle, and when used correctly, provides a sound long term investment. We feel it is paramount that you review and understand any existing policies you hold.

Pensions are not just for tomorrow.

Retirement Planning

Options at the point of retiring are now more diverse and complex than they have ever been.  In our opinion receiving independent advice at this stage has never been more essential when aiming to maximise income levels, tax saving opportunities and death benefits.

Tax Planning

Some people might be unaware that Income tax and Capital Gains tax may sometimes be mitigated in various forms. Potentially, better tax planning might help improve your investment return.  Ask us to see if we could advise you on the different tax saving options that might be available to you and illustrate where you may be able to mitigate tax.

Estate Planning

Many people are caught out by Inheritance tax (IHT) simply because they are unaware of the value of their estate and also because they don’t know how to mitigate it.  We pride ourselves in helping clients structure their estates in the most tax efficient manner to help mitigate any future tax liabilities on their dependents.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.

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